“Sprint Quest – Tone with play”

This interactive game takes the player to a whole new level. This game falls under the category of adventure and mystery. This game is much more effective because it’s done using virtual reality with the motion sensor where the user will have to do some exercise moves in reality.  Through this game the gamer will

  • Learn to work together in teams in the multiplayer option.
  • Experience everything in real time.
  • Get motivated and do exercises to tone their body.



Each obstacles in this game has a task to be completed by the player. These tasks are body toning tasks which mainly will tone the player’s arms and thighs. The sensor is used to detect the player’s movements and check whether the user has completed the task. All the exercise movements will be used to the game keeping the players safety and health in mind. Theses physical movements is a way for the kids to prevent many deceases due to obesity.



                As per public willingness to view thing in reality and experience them lively we are providing this feature – virtual reality.  This is the gaming ear where shift from tradition video games to virtual reality games to attract the player’s attention. Through this game the user will get the experience of facing the challenges in real time and a feel of really being the field.



The player will be given the chance to experience most of the things other than running. The player will start off in an area where his first task will be to find the map for the rest of the game. To prevent the obstacles the player will have to jump over the obstacles, for this the player will have to jump in real time, that jump of the player will detected and will be sent to the game through the Bluetooth to the phone. The sprint points (the three levels – easy, medium and hard) in each level will have different tasks to fulfill. At the last sprint point the player will have to fight with an enemy, for this his hand movements will be detected through the accelerometer. The rest of the running motion will be controlled through the Bluetooth controller. And all of these will be given to the player in Virtual reality.



In the multiplayer option the player will have to work as a team. Unlike other games here team working is been promoted more. All the obstacles must be achieved together as a team.

Eg:- if 30 spiders come at one time as a team they should be able to beat them together, and advance to the next level.